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Conditions of Use
  Conditions of Use


General Terms and Conditions


1. Pricing


All prices indicated above are final prices, including VAT (value-added tax), add shipping costs. All prices are shown in different currencies below the respective ensign as followed:








United Kingdom


GBP (British Pounds)






EUR (Euro)




United States


USD (US-Dollar)






EUR (Euro)






EUR (Euro)






EUR (Euro)






EUR (Euro)






CHF (Swiss Franc)


2. Shipping Terms


It is not possible to pick up the ordered item. The delivery only takes place by mail. The delivery of ordered items takes place as quickly as possible after payment receipt; insurance is possible upon demand. The shipping costs amount to:









European Communities and Switzerland:

5.00 EUR

3.50 GBP

7.50 CHF

6.00 USD







European Communities and Switzerland - Registered Mail:

6.00 EUR

4.20 GBP

9.00 CHF

7.20 USD






United States and Canada:

6.00 Euro

4.20 GBP

9.00 CHF

7.20 USD



United States and Canada - Registered Mail:

8.00 Euro

 5.60 GBP

12.00 CHF

9.60 USD



Other Countries:

7.00 Euro

4.90 GBP

10.50 CHF

8.40 USD



Other Countries - Registered Mail:

9.00 Euro

6.30 GBP

13.50 CHF

10.80 USD


In case of c.o.d.(cash on delivery), the collection fee is to be paid directly to the mail/post (or to bearer) when delivered. We deliver all items valued at over 240.00 USD (200.00 EUR/ 140.00 GBP/ 300.00 CHF) free of shipping costs.


3. Terms of Payment


Shipment will only take place after payment. Payments can be made by


Bank transfer:

International Bank Account Number (IBAN)




Credit Card:

Visa Card, Master Card, American Express Card, ... (through PayPal�)




Cash on delivery:

only European Communities, Fee: 7.20 USD (6.00 EUR/ 4.20 GBP/ 9.00 CHF). Free for orders up to 240.00 USD (200.00 EUR/ 140,00 GBP/ 300,00 CHF) in value.





Fee: 17.50 USD (15.00 EUR/ 10.50 GBP/ 22.50 CHF). Free for orders up to 240.00 USD (200.00 EUR/ 140,00 GBP/ 300,00 CHF) in value.


If bank transfer is chosen, you receive our international bank account number (IBAN) after completed order. Information concerning terms of payment about PayPal� you can obtain under www.paypal.com . If you would like another payment method which is not listed above, please contact our Service.


4. CONDITION OF historical certificates AND DOCUMENTS


Common condition descriptions are:



UNC (uncirculated) - No traces of usage, newly printed



EF (extremely fine) - Proper condition, slightly bended



VF (very fine) - In a normal state of preservation, yet worn according to their age, with small tears



F (fine) - Heavily damaged, but worth collecting



VG (very good) - Heavy traces of circulation, larger tears and missing parts



G (good) - Missing parts within the printed image



P (poor) - Missing parts within the printed image without the possibility of restoration


Sharp bends and invalidation holes, and/or stamps, and/or equivalent inscriptions, on front side or back side are common with historical certificates and documents and are not considered as fault.


5. Specification


All historical certificates and documents offered at this web-site are authentic (no reproductions). Historical certificates and documents do not have a stock exchange value, but a collector�s value. No investment value is implied, transferred, or considered. No transfer of securities is performed. Certificates are cancelled or obsolete. All dimensions given in cm or inches are rough values.


6. Contract of Sale


The ordered items have to be paid directly after completed order. If the items are not paid within 14 days (receipt of payment), we are automatically entitled to resale them. In this case there is no right of delivery. Underage persons need an agreement of their parents or guardians in written form.


7. As Long As Stocks Permit


Historical certificates and documents are subject to a limited supply. If a certain historical certificate or document is out of stock, it will be marked with a red sign. In this case there is no right of delivery. Each certificate or document is unique. Therefore pictures only serve to give an idea. There�s no right of delivery for a shown certificate-number.


8. Return Policy


After having received the ordered item, you may return it for any reasons within 14 days. If you return and we accept your item (in condition as when received) within this period, we will refund your item purchase price. In case of cancellation you are required to return the item. We will take over the shipping costs for items valued at over 48.00 USD (40.00 EUR/ 28.00 GBP/ 60.00 CHF). Exchanges claimed because of faults will be sent free of shipping costs, as long as the exchange is valid. Cancellation has to be send in written form to the following address:

Johanna Vogt Company
Team Historic Stock Market Ltd.-Service
Bellerstrasse 74
D-50354 Huerth / Cologne


9. Protection of Data Privacy


We do not use any cookies. If you visit www.historicstockmarket.com we do not ask for your personal data. However, we automatically receive data by your computer such as IP address, type of browser and access time, while visiting our web-site. This information is stored on our server, maintains anonymous and is only evaluated for the purpose of statistics. In case you order an item, start a watchlist or establish your personal side, we will collect the following personal data:



First Name

Last Name

Street Address




eMail address


If you register in our newsletter-distributor we will ask for the following personal data:


Last Name

eMail address

The specification of your last name is voluntary information and helps to improve our newsletter-service. It is possible to give a pseudonym or even to leave this spot blank

If you send us personal correspondence, such as e-mails, we may collect the following personal data:


Last Name

eMail address

The specification of your last name helps to improve our service. It is possible to give a pseudonym.


We store and process your personal information only in order to facilitate the services you request and in order to comply with the data protection principles. The customer accepts the electronic storing of the personal data we receive. As a matter of course, the data will not be available for third parties. However, there are limited circumstances in which some of your information will be shared with third parties, under strict restrictions, for instance with the law enforcement agency, revenue authorities or tax office. In case we ask for more personal data, it is voluntary. By your request we will correct, delete or block your personal data at any time. If your data is not used within one year, it will be deleted automatically without notification. For safety reasons, we reserve the right to delete or block personal data at any time.


10. Trademark Rights


All brand names used at this web-site are reserved to their owner.


11. Media


All pictures and texts shown at this Site are subject to Historic Stock Market Ltd. and can only be used with our consent. Please contact our  Service.


12. Disclaimer


We always try to assure completeness, accuracy and up-to-dateness of all information shown at this site, but we do not assume liability for this.


13. Links To Other Web-sites And External Reference


This site may contain links to other Web-sites ("Linked Sites"). The Linked Sites are for your convenience only, and you access them at your own risk. Visitors to any linked site are urged and expected to abide by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of that particular linked site. This declaration applies to all links offered at this Web-site.


14. Place of Jurisdiction


All disputes between Johanna Vogt Company, Team Historic Stock Market Ltd., Bellerstr. 74, D-50354 Huerth/Cologne and the user are solely subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Place of jurisdiction shall be Cologne/Germany.


15. Final Provisions


Should one or several of the provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions be or become ineffective in whole or in part, this shall not affect the legal validity of the remaining provisions. A reasonable provision should replace the invalid or unfeasible provisions which, if possible, most closely approximates the wishes of the parties as they had intended the item to be upon conclusion of this agreement or upon the later adoption of a provision. This also applies should it be discovered that the agreement has a loophole in the provisions.



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