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Here you find helpful information.

Modify Auction
Edit Personal Data




Information concerning “Sales”:

Only historic stock certificates, bond certificates and financial documents, with no market value or which are not negotiable in the stock exchange you can sell here.

Select Category
Choose a category where you want to include your certificate. You can only choose one category.

In the description you should include all information relevant to the value of the certificate/Document. Please mention all data that are important for the buyer. It is possible to insert an Html text.

Condition of the certificate
Define the condition you want your certificate/document to be assigned to. You can add a more comprehensive description of the condition in the description.

Upload Image
Upload a picture of your certificate/document. Please note that the maximum file size 200kN cannot be exceeded. Optimal representation can be obtained with the size in Pixel: 500px (width) x Xpx (height).

Setting Start price and/or BuyItNow price
Now you can define a Start price or a BuyItNow price. Choose the currency you want your certificate to be bid in worldwide. If you want your certificate to be bid in several currencies, please add this in the description with the corresponding conversion factors.

Select the duration of an auction
Set the duration of your auction. You can select between 7, 10, 20, 30, 60, 90 and 120 days. If you chose a BuyItNow auction, a 120-day duration auction is advisable.

Shipment to
Here you can define where you want to send your certificate/document.

Payment method
Here you can determine the forms of payment you accept. If acceptable, please mention further payment methods in the description.

Here are displayed all data and the uploaded picture. Please check all the provided information. Here you can make any changes you wish. Advise: Please note that this is the last chance you have to modify the Start price/BuyItNow price and the uploaded picture!

If all data is correct, enter your password and click “set auction “. Your auction is now activated and may be seen worldwide.

Now you’ll get confirmation e-mail on the start of your auction with all provided information.


Modify auction


Information on “Modify Auction“:

Before a bid is placed you can change your auction data in MyExchange > Selling. Exception: The Start price / BuyItNow price, duration and the uploaded picture cannot be changed!

If you still want to change the Start price / BuyItNow price, or if you have uploaded the wrong picture, there is only the possibility of cancelling the current auction before a bid has been placed.

After a bid you can only complete the description. Other changes are not possible anymore.




Information on “Bidding “:

Please read the seller’s description thoroughly before bidding. In case you have any questions, please contact the seller.

Please consider the information on the shipment terms and costs.

Read the reviews with the feedback of other members concerning the sellers’ previous auction processing.

Observe the currency data. A Yahoo®-converter is available in the item page.

The increasing step for all price categories amounts to:

In case you’re outbid, we will send you an e-mail notification.




Information on “Buy“:

After a successful conclusion of the auction, you will be sent a notification e-mail with information on the auction and on the seller /buyer. Please contact the seller/buyer within the next 3 days to close the Sale/Buy.

To make the process easy, after a successfully concluded auction you can find a multilingual form under MyExchange > My Bought Certificates (or > My Sold Certificates).




Information on “Feedback“:

After receiving the certificate/payment settlement inform other members about your experience with the seller/buyer by entering a comment in “Feedback”.

Once a "Feedback" has been submitted it cannot be changed.

Feedback system: 1 crown (bad) – 5 crowns (very good)




Information on „Membership“:

To apply as a member, please click on Register. Fill in all the required data fields. Choose a member name and a password. Read our general terms. After sending the form you will receive an e-mail confirmation displaying one more time the details of your membership. In addition, you will receive your banking details and PayPal® address to settle the membership fee for the desired period of time.

Membership starts with the receipt of the payment of the membership fee and finishes automatically at the end of the requested duration with no need for a cancellation notice. While carrying out the payment, please state your member name under application. In case you wish to pay via PayPal®, your membership for on-line auctions will be activated within the next 24 hours. Hereto you will receive an immediate confirmation and later on you’ll be sent an invoice.

The member charge includes:

Member Charge Duration Sale Auctions Buy Auctions Commissions/Fees
FREE 12 months 10 units unlimited none

USD 12.00
(10.00 EUR/ 7.00 GBP/ 15.00 CHF/
14.00 CAD/ 16.00 AUD/ 1400.00 JPY)

6 months 100 units unlimited none
USD 24.00
(20.00 EUR/ 14.00 GBP/ 30.00 CHF/
28.00 CAD/ 32.00 AUD/ 2800.00 JPY)
6 months 200 units unlimited none
USD 48.00
(40.00 EUR/ 28.00 GBP/ 60.00 CHF/
56.00 CAD/ 64.00 AUD/ 5600.00 JPY)
6 months 400 units unlimited none
USD 24.00
(20.00 EUR/ 14.00 GBP/ 30.00 CHF/
28.00 CAD/ 32.00 AUD/ 2800.00 JPY)
12 months 250 units unlimited none
USD 48.00
(40.00 EUR/ 28.00 GBP/ 60.00 CHF/
56.00 CAD/ 64.00 AUD/ 5600.00 JPY)
12 months 500 units unlimited none
USD 96.00
(80.00 EUR/ 56.00 GBP/ 120.00 CHF/
112.00 CAD/ 128.00 AUD/ 11200.00 JPY)
12 months 1000 units unlimited none

Example: For a member charge of USD 24.00 the member can set 250 sale auctions for a period of 12 months with no extra charges like setting and sales fees, commissions, etc.

In case you’ve set up sale auctions, which will take longer than your membership and you don’t want to extend your membership, these auctions will naturally run until the end of the official duration. In this case other membership fees won’t be charged.

Each member is entitled to participate in an unlimited number of buy auctions.

Before the end of the membership you will receive a reminder. If you wish to conclude your membership to, e.g. apply later for a new membership, then you don’t have to do anything. Your personal data will be definitely deleted 3 months after the termination of the membership.




Information on "Changing personal data":

You can change your personal data anytime under MyExchange > My Personal Data. Except for the member name, e-mail address and status. If you want to change your e-mail address or the status, please send us an e-mail to: [email protected]



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